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Abaqus:warning message,Tangent directions used to enforced contact constraints for contact pair

Well I tried to search for a related thread and could not find one, so creating a new
one. But if such a thread exists, please direct me there, thank you. I

Using Substructure for contact modelling in Abaqus

I have a
problem to use substructure for contact anaylsis of two gears. I have
already read the example in abaqus Example problem manual for help.
Well, to explain my problem in detail, I have two nastron files of two
gears and later using FORTRAN I am able to write the programm to
generate the *.inp files. What I tried to do is
1. Substrcture generation of two gears in seperate files. Now I have two
sets of substructures available for individual gears. While generating

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