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Mecahnics on the behaviour of Horizontal/laterally loaded thin hollow tubes

Dear all,

Please give some reading material on the horizontal/laterally loaded thin hollow tube, which explains with suitable formulas to calculate circumferential/hoop stresses in the thin tube subjected to lateral/horizontal loaḍ



Hi all,

What is the prerequisite knowledge required for research in micromechanics, I did my masters in geotechnical engineering and thinking to continue Ph.D in micromechnics ( granular media).

As I am from geotechnical (Soil) Background, can anybody please inform me the prerequisite knowledge required like what course should I take, what software skills are needed to learn e.t.c.

Thank You in Advance 

Anisotropy Soil

Dear all,

I am searching UMAT or numerical algorithm for anisotropic model for soil (clay).

Please  give me the link if u have one.

Thank You in advance  

Hourglass reduced integration


What is the meaning of hourglass reduced integration used in ABAQUS.

Hourglass stifness?

Reduced Integration?

Thank You very much in advance Smile 



I am using userdefined material model UMAT for modelling of hypoplastice constitutive model in abaqus.

I need to run dynamic analysis, so how can convert UMAT to VUMAT (fortran) subroutine.

Please tell me the procedure to convert UMAT to VUMAT, it will be of great help.

Thanking You.

Contact Formulation, Abaqus


I am modelling installation (Jacking) of concrete pile (rigid body) in soil (Eulerian soil) which involves large deformations.

 For jacked pile contact friction is considered as zero.

Inorder to cope up with large deformation which occur during pile penetration process kinematic contact fomulation is used, this formulation is based of master-slave principle implemented in ABAQUS.

When I run the analysis i am encountering with following error:

Abaqus CAE


I am analysis for installation of pile in soil (Pile rigid body and Soil Eulerian material)simulation in Abaqus\ CAE. 

I have given reference point on the pile to assign the mass of pile(top portion). (Pile penetrates vertically into the soil)

I have to give centrifugal force to Pile (300 kN), where can I assing the force? (Point of assignment). And how can I give predcribed displacement of Pile (say 10m)


About ABAQUS input file

Hi, i am adarsh, graduate student in  geotechinical engg

I am new to abaqus.

I have to  use UMAT written in fortran  for my projec.

I need to know or anybody having documentation about  what is inutfile, UMAT, SDVINI (Related to geoechnical engg ) e.t.c so that i can learn regarding the same.



(Use of time step in loading and unloading for triaxial test or cylcic test)

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