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Self-healing polymers - an introduction

I'm now working on the preparation and characterization of self-healing polymers, a promising branch in materials science. The following is a general conception of this kind of materials system. (Pasted from our group website I may introduce some of my current work later.

Free screen capture softwares for Win and Mac users

I'm writing this post cause it took me much time to find some free softwares that can record activities from screen for Windows and Mac systems. I use both OS at office and lab.

I'm doing some experiments. One is to measure the deformation of microcapsules, both loading curves and deforming capsules via a light microscope displaying on the screen; another is to observe the movement of nano/microcapsules in a cell. For both cases everything is displayed on the screen. I want to record them for kind of live show without using any external recorder and then converting clips.

A good beginning of 2007

In the very beginning of 2007 I have four papers published or accepted (one is independent research and others are collaborated). All of them are the work done in my doctoral period. The topic is focusing on the enhancement of creep resistance of polymers by incorporating of nanofillers including particles and CNTs.

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