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Science 2.0 goes One Step Further! Google KNOL is Open to everyone!





This may be interesting news for many of imechanicians. (according to pervious discussions)

From GOOGLE Blog:

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Making the Right Moves


Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific
Management for Postdocs and New Faculty

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Why No New Einstein?!

My research topic is too different from string theory!. but i think this not so old opinion of Proff. Lee Smolin about world research system weaknesses is very beneficial to read. and have convincing arguments in neccessity of changes in this system. Read this. it is not related to string theory,

Roozbeh Sanaei, Cellular and molecular bioengineering, Bioengineering department, National university of singapore

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Quantum effects in fluid mechanics

 I think when a reaction occurs in fluid state. the quantum effects may become important in its simulation. does any body know any thing about quantum effects in fluid mechanics? did any one a multiscale Simulation in this regard. my knowledge is very limited in this regard. please guide me!.

Roozbeh Sanaei,  Cellular and molecular bioengineering lab., bioengineering dep. ,National University of Singapore.




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Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science!


Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science! 

Science 29 February 2008:
Vol. 319. no. 5867, pp. 1189 - 1190

Integrating Content Detail and Critical Reasoning by Peer Review

Ravi Iyengar,1* Maria A. Diverse-Pierluissi,1 Sherry L. Jenkins,1 Andrew M. Chan,2 Lakshmi A. Devi,1 Eric A. Sobie,1 Adrian T. Ting,3 Daniel C. Weinstein1

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Java For Scientific Computation

Java has very good characteristics as a scientific computation. Its very strong structure make debugging very easier than traditional languages such as MATLAB and Fortran. JVM lead to high portablity of JAVA in Linux and Windows. And Garbage Collector is a real good advantage beneficial for scientific Computation. I think it can be good alternative for C++ and Fortran.

Attached are two Available Lectures in this Regard.

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Is it possible to find a way to more categorization of information in Imechanica?

Information in Imechanica is a little dispersed it is good in its present form but is it possible to categorization of information more?

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Computational and analytical analysis of wave scattering by Elliptical and Spheroidal inhomogeneities.

 This is an interesting power point about major characterisrics of Wave Scattering By Elliptical and Spheroidal Inhomogenities.


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what's the status of Discrete-to-continuum scale bridging.

what's the status of Discrete-to-continuum scale bridging. and it's real application?

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Computational or Analytical?

Computational or Analytical? 

Once you can describe a problem analytically, you should be able to solve the problem straightforward. Moreover, bookkeeping of the related variables is rather easy, enabling you to model your problem in an rather easy fashion. (During my undergraduate courses, I used to check my assignents by Excel). However, implementing such a strategy in software involves a certain amount of problem directed programming - i.e. your code may be valid for a given problem only.

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