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Rayleigh damping: how to match the model frequences to the frequences of the measurements?

 I hope that the mecanicians can help me to solve my problem.

 Is there any possibility to match the frequences of the physical model to the mesurement data?

Bondary conditions of plate segment


i'd like to model only one small segment of a large elastic plate. This plate is uniformly loaded by sinusoidal dynamic load.

The question is how i kann describe the boundary of this small segment, whose boundaris changes over the time. Is it possible to model the boundary conditions of this segment without consideration of its connection to the large plate.

I hope on your help.



Problems with MLPG and collocation

I fight with my models... Maybe can somebody of us help me...

I model the three dimensional body, those two sizes length and width are much larger then the thickness. For solving PDE i use MLPG Method. After defining my hexahedral support domain with MLS and hexahedral test doman with Heaviside function, i make the nodal integration. For that i divide the hole problem in hexahedrals, in the centers of those the particles are placed. Then i compute the surface of the hexahedrals in test domain through gauss quadratur to assemble the stiffness matrix 

second derivative of MLS function

Can somebody help me with the second derivative of MLS function for three dimentional problems?

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