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Hyperelastic and Viscoelastic material modelling

I have a doubt regarding the Hyperelastic and Viscoelastic material modelling in ANSYS using Mooney-Rivlin material constants.

ANSYS theory manual says that for large deformation and large strains, the material modelling (i.e. constitutive behaviour) is same for hyperelastic and viscoelastic. Is it so?

Generally,  Mooney-Rivlin material constants are used to model Hyperelastic behaviour (rubber-like materials).

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Literature on CZM and it's implementation through FEM

Can anyone suggest some basic literature on Cohesive Zone Modeling and it's implementation through FEM? Most of the literature, I find, is on traction-separation behaviour and some simulation using a FEM package. I 'm interested to learn it's mathematical formulation and implementation through FEM. Can anyone help me?


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Delamination and Cohesive zone model


I want to work on delamination and cohesive zone model. I would also like to model this in Abaqus. I’ve read the material available there but it’s not adequate. I would like to know the concepts and fundamentals of the cohesive zone model and its implementation. Can anyone explain this? Please suggest some good literature/books on this for beginners.



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Cohesive laws


I have read some literature on cohesive zone modeling for fracture behaviour in composites. I have some doubts. How many cohesive laws are there and how they are categorized? Whether cohesive elements (in FEM) are modeled as continuum or discrete?

Please suggest some good literature on this. Thanks & Regards,


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Fracture energies and strengths of cohesive layer

Dear Friends,

I am working on damage prediction and cohesive zone modeling. I am looking for fracture energies and strengths for  the cohesive layer. We do not have facility for tests. Sometime back I have seen these property values in one paper but now it is missing. Can anyone tell me where I find the material property data for cohesive layer and lamina? Please suggest some literature in this regard.




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