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Dean, School of Engineering and Science at Curtin University Sarawak Campus, Malaysia

Curtin University ( Australia), in partnership with the Sarawak
Government, has established a campus at Miri, a city of over 300,000
people in northeast Sarawak. The Curtin Sarawak campus currently has
3400 students. The University is going through an expansion phase and
current and planned future developments will increase capacity to 5,000

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Academic positions at Curtin Sarawak, Malaysia

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University Sarawak, is seeking highly motivated academics in the areas of Solid Mechanics, Materials or Design & Manufacturing to join its team. Curtin Sarawak is the largest international campus of Western Australia's Curtin University, which is a member of the Australian Technology Network (ATN) and widely recognised for its practical research focused on solving real-world problems. Curtin Sarawak is located in the city of Miri, with oil & gas, agriculture, biodiversity, forestry and tourism as the major industries.

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Purchase ABAQUS licence

Is it possible to buy an ABAQUS licence (or token) from another institution?  In Malaysia and Singapore, the sales of ABAQUS appear to be controlled by WorleyParsons who charge rather exorbitant prices on the licenses - e.g. I got the student edition from the web for USD99 but in Malaysia, the price sold by WorleyParsons is 3+ times more expensive.  I am thinking whether I can pay another institution for some tokens to run jobs.  Thanks.

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Mechanical vs Rheological Properties

What are the differences between "mechanical" and "rheological" properties?

Are "mechanical" properties a subset of "rheological" properties or vice versa? Or do they merely overlap?


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Academic Positions in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University Sarawak

Applications are invited for full-time, continuing academic positions in a number of areas in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University Sarawak.

Please see website for information :

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Dear Dr, Another one has broken

It broke in the weekend when I was enjoying the footie on TV with a pack of crisps.

This isn't the first time a tooth filling has broken on me, but this one has got me worried, because I called my dentist today and found out that because he is moving premises, he is not open until the middle of next week.

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Foods and Composite Materials

Foods are good examples of composite materials that everyone can relate to.  From foams like ice creams to emulsions like spreads to hydrogels like jams to viscoelastic solids like cheese to porous, brittle solids like crisps, the properties of these multiphasic, heterogeneous materials are most important in the mouth where they are broken down via mechanical, chemical or thermal means.  Unlike many structural materials where the design strategy is to achieve the highest strength or toughness, foods are designed to break down in a particular manner and only under particular conditions.  A n

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Does God play dice?

I once came across a novel which contains the following (verbatim) :

Laplace had once prepared a paper for the Academie, claiming that it would be possible to predict the outcome of a game of dice if one had precise knowledge of every factor, such as the weight of the die, the exact way in which the hand moved, the strength of that hand, and the force of each throw.

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