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Large deformations in a hyperelastic incompressible material

Dear all,

I am a somewhat of a beginner. I only started self-studying continuum mechanics and finite element analysis last year. Nonetheless, I hope to solve a problem characterized by large deformations in a hyperelastic incompressible material, with the possibility of contact. 

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Need help/advise constructing positive-definite Wendland Compact-Support RBF Matrix


I am trying to construct a matrix using Wendland's Compact-Support RBF as described in the following the paper, . In particular, I'm using the C2, d = 3 RBF: (1 - r)^4*(4r + 1). It seems quite simple enough, but none of the matrices I've constructed are positive definite, although Wendland's RBFs guarantee positive definite matrices -- the sparse solver I intend to use requires positive definite matrices.

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