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why the back stress is independent of stress

alpha_ij is the back stress. During the derivation of the consistent condition (please see attachment),

d(sigma_ij-alpha_ij)/d (alpha_ij)=-1.

The back stress is related to the plastic strain, why it is independent of the stress.

Thank you.


please suggest some books on the composite

Recently, we want to do some research on the fracture behavior in the composite.

please recommend some books.


My research

One year ago, I finished a paper on the instability in the polymer.

However, this paper was rejected, which means that this paper made too little

progress in this subject. Thus, we submitted the extended abstract to the conference and full paper in my blog.

A question on plasticity

Recently, I have a question on the plasticity.As the plastic materials undergo the loading and unloading process. we can find the energy dissipation from the stress and strain relation curve. Then, my question is that the energy dissipation is generated during the loading process or unloading process?Thank you very much.


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