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Engineer: Career Pathway Conundrum – job or business

Dear all,


I am seeking some insights from professionals in any field to guide me and help me decide where to focus.


I have done masters in aeronautical and mechanical engineering and I have 5 years of experience in the field of design and development. From an Australian point of view, I am an experienced mechanical design engineer/mechanical designer.


How to measure hydroxyl radical concentration (airborne)?

Dear engineers and scientists,


Measuring and artificially producing hydroxyl radicals is relatively new research with great challenges due to short half life. I have asked this question on many forums to gather as much information as I can and my question is:


How can we measure hydroxyl radical concentration? I am only interested in airborne concentration, hydroxyls in water and cells are not relevant to my research.


Also there are few articles mentioned every time in these type of discussions and they are:

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